Committee Members

A special thanks to all these individuals for making the club run as it is supposed to be.

Wing Chun Committee 2016/2017:

President : Anita Doorgachurn

Secretary : Niall Hanrahan

Treasurer : Cameron Levett

Health and Safety Officer: Ethan Lin


Wing Chun Committee 2015/2016:

President: Jason Tam

Vice President: Niall Hanrahan

Treasurer: Erwan Ong

Webmaster: Nikola Bojinov

Health and Safety Officer: Amin Haque

With special thanks to Matthew Ling for his hard work at teaching others Wing Chun.


Wing Chun Committee 2013/2014:

President: Chew Chung Wah

Vice-President: Casey Hoh

Treasurer: Timothy Sum

Secretary: Niall Hanrahan

Health and Safety Officer: Vincent Aaron Song

Liaison Officer: Peter Habermacher