First of all, i would like to thank Sifu Alan Gibson for letting us quote texts from his latest book Wing Chun : the Works which really helped in filling up the contents for this website.

Wing Chun : the Works provides an in-depth insight of Wing Chun, be it the tradition, history, principles and most importantly educating about techniques and common mistakes executing it. I would truly recommend this book to any practitioner who wish to gain a better understanding of Wing Chun.
Secondly, i would like to thank Sifu Tom Devon for providing his biography that is rich with many diverse martial arts. It is truly, impressive. We are really lucky to have these 2 outstanding Sifu teaching us Wing Chun right here in the University of Southampton!
Finally, special thanks goes to the President, Elson Ong as well as other committee members such as our Vice-President, Wen Peng and Secretary, Anthony Yau for checking the website from time to time, giving opinions/comments and etc.
Thank you all!
~ CW