Taster session 2016

Turnout for the taster session surpassed expectations, it was great seeing many people picking up and learning many Wing Chun skills.




Bunfight 2016

Great turnout at the Bunfight 2016 for Wing Chun, 205 people signed up to try this martial art and more than 400 flyers were given out!


Sifu Cliff Au Yeung with Sifu Asiatic 2015 workshop

In late October Sifu Cliff and Sifu Asiatic came to visit at Havant to teach and enlighten enthusiastic Wing Chun practitioners. The workshop was 2 days long and there were 4 generations of Wong Shun Leung lineage. There were practitioners from The Wing Chun Federation from clubs in Southampton uni, Havant, Gosport, Bognor, Liss and Isle of Wight. Everyone shared their knowledge and experience to help and improve every practitioner in the room. This workshop hopefully will become an annual thing so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved!






Taster Session 2013

We have had our taster session for 2013. Safe to say it was a great success with lots of interested people and quite a lot of useful stuff being taught.

Wing Chun Taster Session 2013

Good evening all,

Finally, the Wing Chun taster session for 2013 has finally been scheduled, it will take place at 7:30pm-10:00pm in the Activites room on Wednesday the 9th. The facebook event page can be found here:


Do click join so that we can roughly gauge the number of people coming


Bunfight 2013

So we had the bunfight last Wednesday. Fair to say it was pretty successful with a lot of people seeming to be genuinely interested, which is always good to see.

Annual General Meeting 2013

First of all, i would like to say thank you to all the previous committee for their immense hardwork and dedication to the club bringing the club to where it is today.

A message from our ex-President now,

Dear Members,

I would like to say that the AGM went very smoothly and that these are the Committee Members for the 2013/14 Committee of the Southampton University Wing Chun Club:

President: Chew Chung Wah
Vice-President: Casey Hoh
Treasurer: Timothy Sum
Secretary: Niall Hanrahan
Health and Safety Officer: Vincent Aaron Song
Liaison Officer: Peter Habermacher

Once again, congratulations to you guys! :D

In other news, we will be meeting 7:10pm at Uni-link interchange to take the 7.20pm U1C to Portswood for Thursday’s joint training. Alternatively, you can meet us at the Hobbit at 7.40pm. Thursday’s training will start at 8pm at St Deny’s Community Centre.

Thanks and Regards,
Elson Ong.


P.S Pictures will be up soon!

Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Workshop

On the 2nd Of Novermber 2012, it was an honour to us that Sifu Cliff Au Yeung came to University of Southampton to teach us Wing Chun.

Sifu Cliff is a technical consultant for the fight scenes in Ip Man film!

Here are the pics :

Taster Session 2012

Our first taster session of the year 2012 was held on the 6/10/2012.

We had around 40+ members turning up for this session and it was a fruitful session!

Check out the photos and videos below!


Bunfight 2012

Bunfight 2012 was held on the 26/9/2012. We, the Wing Chun Club, managed to secure a staggering 215 signups for our club and 5 more to follow on through email/Facebook showing interest in participating in Wing Chun.

Special Thanks to the people who sacrificed their time on the 26/9/2012 for the club. As for names, You guys know it yourself!

Till Next Time!

~ CW